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Harsh name, smooth smoke…

Harsh name, smooth smoke. When I can find it Gorilla glue has become my goto strain for daytime use. When grown well, it ALWAYS delivers an outstanding high. This balanced hybrids' high is Mellowing and motivating, inspirational not racy. I enjoy just opening the jar and smelling the sweet earthy aromas. It is amazingly sticky so don't waste your time roiling a J. Best Hit it from a bong IMO. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Thanks to all growers who brought this strain into existence, you all deserve a high five!

I love this strain…

I love this strain…

Excellent in every way. Helps in relieving stress, depression and anger. The taste is defiantly skunky and so full of flavor. Just incredible! You will LOVE GG#4.

Gorilla Glue #4 sets itself apart from other strains…

One of my favorite choices of strain for dining or conversation, Gorilla Glue #4 sets itself apart from other strains in that its hybrid high leaves the user in a state of both exuberance and comfort. Although its name has the potential to stir new users, its taste is anything but reminiscent of a smoldering toxic adhesive. Instead, bold and flavorful aromas fill the palette, its taste evocative of alpine yet light like mint. Conversation becomes easier if not unavoidable while high on this strain and words start to flow faster but not in a way that sounds deranged (cough cough Galaxy OG). Its indica traits warm the user, allowing for a comfortable and lengthy conversation. If there was ever a strain for a personal business engagement, Gorilla Glue #4 would sit in-between the Cuban cigar and bottled Bordeaux.

Very good beautiful strain….

Very good beautiful strain just an amazing smell and just as equal high a rush but not make u panic. Excellent for those of you in need of a good laugh. Gorilla glue will be everyone's new soon.

Agh!! the smell is incredible’

Agh!! the smell is incredible' musky'piney'and sassy!very strong body relaxation.i love GG#4

Gorilla Glue #4 did not disappoint!

wait what was I doing here again......oh that's right...gorilla glue #4 did not dissapoint just smoked a bowl and a half and had to put it down....heavy head high and I have tunnel vision writing of my new go to strains for picking me up after lunch


BAAAAAM PEANUT BUTTER AND JAAAAAAAAAM!!!! I originally felt like OH it is gunna glue me to the couch with the strength of GG. Soon I discovered the truth, that it had me flying so high that GG would be the only thing that could hold me in reality! The smell reminds me of the pine oil I used to clean the head back in Navy days.

Great for an afternoon smoke.

Great for an afternoon smoke. Doesn't make you too hungry, but it does inflict dry mouth. I recommend a shandy to go alongside your bowl. Very upbeat, refreshed feeling follows a hit of this--it's got just what I need to feel motivated for chores like dishes or laundry, but it's also great for funner activities like frisbee. The taste is complex and rich with pungent chemical tones. May make you feel antsy, so make sure you can keep busy when you're smoking the Glue.

Hands down my top favorite strain!

Hands down my top favorite strain out of the last 10 strains I've acquired, GG#4 is by far the best medical effects (pain,ptsd, anxiety, nerves)

“Cartagena Gold”

If you want a good thump on the front of your head, with one of the finest tasting flowers available, Gorilla Glue #4 is the choice. I've been a cannabis user for over 43 years, and this strain may be one of the best tasting smokes I've ever had! The only strain I remember being as unique was back in the late 1970's, when I was fortunate to procure a quantity of "Cartagena Gold", a golden colored marijuana grown in the mountains above the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Gorilla Glue #4, is on my Top 5 List, until replaced by a new strain.

Love it!!!!

With a two day old neck sprain, shoulder sprain and concussion this is by far my favorite strain. I hit the pipe 4 times and it worked better than 800mg ibuprofen. Gives you a nice relaxed high but I could also get up and clean the house if I really wanted to. Love it!!!!

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