Cultivator FAQ

How to become an authorized cultivator?

Great Questions!
Depending on your state, wither you are medical or recreational cultivator.

You must be solely licensed cultivator within your state, and within state compliance.
What you would need to get start talking with us:

  • Approved and Valid Cultivator License
  • Approval and Valid State Business License
  • Licensed & Regulated Facility
  • Adhere to all state testing standards, and within State Guidelines
  • Meet GG Strains Quality Standards

How do you pick the right cultivator in each state?

Lone “Partly by reputation, and product that they currently producing, we are looking for quality. They must operate in all the states and jurisdictional laws, and plan to expand and build our brand alongside theirs’s. “

Joesy, “We try to pick growers that are experienced and grow max plant counts in their respective state.”

Will there be multiple cultivators in each state or just one?

This would all depends on the volume produced by your facility.. long story short, yes multiple.

But we make sure our facilities can supply the demand of the licensed Dispensaries, but we will  never have close cultivators to compete with each other.

Dispensary FAQ

How to become an authorized dispensary?

Great Questions!
Depending on your state, and wither you are medical or recreational dispensary.

You must be solely licensed dispensary within your state, and within state compliance.
What you would need to get start talking with us:

  • Approved and Valid Dispensary License
  • Approval and Valid State Business License
  • Licensed & Regulated Facility
  • Adhere to all state track & trace, testing standards, and within State Guidelines
  • Meet GG Strains Branding & Quality Standards

When can we expect real deal in the dispensaries?

Already is! Look for our seal of approval! You can checkout this page as well, we try and update latest drops to keep it who is in stock, you can always contact us too, and we can give you a list.

Checkout our social media, as we are open to interacting here and always promoting our partners.

GG4 (fka Gorilla Glue 4*) FAQ

How can I or someone verify it is the real GG4?

We have a multitude of ways to certify genetics.  The best way to know if your plant is REAL to contact Tru Breed Technology, who can Geo test your strain, and compare it to the original markers of our stains.

How can you assure in the future when someone wants the GG4 they get the #4 and not some cross knockoff?

Branding, and marketing with our seal of approval for the various strains, making sure our patients and caregivers are getting the authentic product from our authorized distributors in their state.

GG Strains (GG1, GG5  & others)  FAQ

Are your stains more indica or sativa dominate?

GG4 – 63% Indica & 37 Sativa

GG5 – 79% Indica & 21% Sativa

GG1 – 58% Indica & 42% Sativa

LVPK x GG4 – India Dominate

GluChee – Coming Soon

Tell me about GG #1, and GG #5

GG #1 is close to #4 in the way it grows, stretches and stacks. For me it’s a bit more on the pinier side, The #1 is more of a mellow high, more toward the sativa end. The #4, and the #1 get me the same, but the taste is different. The #5 grows similarly. It stacks, and the buds are tighter; however, there is not as much stretch, and it seems to be more indica dominant, with more diesel flavor. With #5,

  wow watch out, that shit puts me on the couch and call it a day!  ~ Lone Watty

How will you control 5 & 1, so it doesn’t get out of control with fakes like #4

Right now, only a select few have the #1 and the #5, each one of them are our authorized cultivator.

How did these strains get their numbers?

Joesy “The reason for the #4, is that it was the 4th seed planted that popped.

Lone “This was the order it was popped, and that’s why we kept the numbers on them so we wouldn’t get confused, and the 5 is GG1 crossed GG4 – GG5

General FAQ

Licensing genetics is essentially what you’re doing. What made you want to go this path?

This is the best way we can operate within the boundary of state laws. The plant has spread to so many states, we just want to make sure that patients get what they request or subscribed. Our cultivators understand our mission and see the value proposition. The cultivators and MMJ processors (e.g. edibles) want consistency. We have created a brand, and we want patients to look for our seal. This seal will ONLY be licensed to our authorized cultivators and dispensary. Not sure, email us and we will be able to tell you if the dispensary, or collective you got it from has an agreement with us to lease our genetics and name.

Do you think brands or strain brands is the future for strains?

The future in the cannabis industry will be asking for certified strains & branded products. Branding is already taking place with Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, they have established brands, we are establishing certified strains.

What is your goal with controlling and making sure everyone has the authentic strain?

We want to hold true to our mission statement. To do that, we are reintroducing the strain to patients through authorized cultivators, so that people now that its real. There are allot of crosses and fakes out there, but we want our patients and users to know what they have, where they got it. So they don’t have to as the question and wonder if this “is this the real deal?”

How does it feel to be the fastest trending and demand strain of 2015, 2016 & 2017?

Joesy “It is very exciting to know GG #4 is the best trending and in demand strain for 2015 on Leafly.
Lone “Very Exciting to see this and kind of unreal that it’s us, a strain we created!!!

What's your favorite memory so far to date?

Joesy, “My favorite memory is when GG #4 won the SB High Times Cup, it was a pleasant surprise.”

Lone “The night Don called me to let me know we took first place in 2014 High Times So Cal Cup! No… wait I was more exited to win the second one 2014 Michigan High Times Cup! That is when I realized we had something special.”

How is a plant trademarked?

It’s a secret, no really, there is no magic to it. We created a trademark when we first used the term as it relates to Medical Marijuana. For additional protection, we have registered the trademarks in the jurisdictions where we have licensed the strain.

Do you sell clones or plants?

It’s always great to know that our efforts are appreciated, and we thank you for your interest. However, the genetics we grow are developed and protected by our breeders and licensed only to authorized partners. Find our partners here


WA rumor there is an authorized distributor this way?

We will be talking a lot about Washington in the near future.

Speaking of the rumors, we hear someone in Michigan has the #5, and it's going for $10,000 a cut!?

Joesy, “Paladan was shopping it around at that price, but there was never a sale.”

Lone, “No one in Michigan has the number 5, we heard the same rumors… but nope no one has it!”

We keep hearing about Cat, and why don't we hear from you guys?

We have a business to create and run, Cat is the digital marketing director and cultivator liaison! She is helping two old guys that have a dream and making it a reality!