GG Strains LLC would like to make an announcement to authorized partners/cultivators.

We are happy to announce we reached a settlement agreement with the Gorilla Glue Company on September 9, 2017.  Below are a few key points of that agreement:

  1. A transition period – GG Strains will be transition out of the trademarked name “Gorilla Glue” and “Gorilla” owned by Gorilla Glue Co., but we have asked for and won a transition period that allows us to use the words “formally known as” for one year.
  2. Protection order for our partners – Details below, but you have the same transition period.
  3. Rebranding – As of 9/19/2017 our strains will be known as:
    • Gorilla Glue 4 is now GG4 and/or Original Glue
    • Gorilla Glue 5 is now GG5 and/or New Glue
    • Gorilla Glue 1 is now GG1 and/or Sister Glue
    • LVPK x GG4/Purple Glue & Gluchee remain the same

Exclusive for GG Strains Partner to use the wording “Formally Known As Gorilla Glue 4, 5, 1”
As of 9/19/2017 ONLY GG STRAINS and OUR AUTHORIZED PARTNERS have been granted permission to use “formally known as” ONLY UNTIL 9/19/2018.

Packaging & Marketing Guidelines: GG Strains will send out amendments to your partnership agreements, this will out line the above as well the new marketing guidelines for our seals / logos etc that can be used by our authorized partners only.

Order of Protection: We are also excited to announce the Gorilla Glue Company has agreed they will not pursue any legal actions against GG Strains LLC authorized partners/cultivators, As long as the rebranding terms are met. This will entitle our partners / cultivators an order of protection from the Gorilla Glue Company!!! THIS is what we have been fighting so hard for!!! We will be giving a protective Letter from the gorilla glue company.

We understand you may have questions and with that we would like to setup a follow-up call with GG Strains, please email us to set up a time for us to answer any questions you may have.

Ross Johnson (Lone Watty)
Don Peabody (Joesy Whales)
Catherine Seven

Our Certified Genetics


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“Our goal is to ensure all consumers and medical cannabis/marijuana card holders receive the same genetics each and every time they go to purchase; whether it be GG4, GG1, GG5 or any other new GG Strain release. We know quality and consistency is important to our consumers. In order to accomplish this goal, we will authorize select cultivators in each state where medical and recreational marijuana is legal. This will enable us to assure our patients and consumers are receiving the original high end, top shelf quality GG Strains product, for which we have become known”

Joesy Whales & Lone Watty

Co-Creators of GG Strains LLC

Our Certifed Partners